Dutch protesters warn Americans: ‘Protect 2nd Amendment’

Dutch protesters pushing back against their government’s environmental 
regulations have a specific message for Americans as the widespread protests 
enter their third week.

The regulations, that claim to serve the environment, are expected to destroy 
30% of the country’s farms by placing caps on ammonia and nitrogen oxide, which 
are found in livestock urine and feces. Compliance with the government's 
"nitrogen crisis" would mean many farmers losing their livelihoods, including 
those who produce mostly organic meat.

Dutch protesters warn Americans: 'Protect 2nd Amendment' | America's Frontline 
Doctors (americasfrontlinenews.com) 

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“The honest message...is that not all farmers can continue their business,” said the government according 
<https://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/explainer-dutch-farmers-protesting-emissions-85848026>      to ABC, 
and those who do will need to rethink how.

Roughly 40,000 farmers took to the streets to protest the government’s decision, 
setting bales of hay ablaze and spreading manure along highways. Many have also 
blocked distribution centers for supermarkets and circulating video footage 
shows scuffles between the farmers and undercover police at The Hague.

But Dutch police met the protesters with violent – and even lethal – force, 
shooting at farmers and nearly killing a minor.

“We’ve seen horrible police brutality already against the farmers that have been 
protesting...the police has already shot at a 16-year-old kid yesterday, he was 
missed by two centimeters,” Dutch political commentator and former politician 
Eva Vlaardingerbroek told/NTD News/last week. “So we almost had a child who was 
killed by the police just for peacefully protesting. He was actually driving 
away from the protest.”

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