Your Regional Planners are Marxist by design

Local communities are the bedrock of our American republic, but local cities and County elected officials seem to gravitate to a more regional approach of governing without investigating the intentions of outside influences at the state and national level.
  Federal agencies across the United States have been working hard to implement United Nations policies by way of local, state and regional governments.  Agencies like the American Planning Association, (APA), HUD, EDA, EPA, LMC and the Department of Transportation have converged on local communities to implement policies through grants with specific strings attached.  When the elected representatives of the community agree to accept these grants, the UN programs on sustainability start to take shape with the end goal of removing your liberties and property rights.
 For example: The American Planning Association: Who are they?   APA web page states...
 "The Minnesota Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA-MN) is a non-profit statewide organization of over 900 planning professionals, educators, local officials and planning commissioners who are involved in planning-related activities on behalf of state and regional agencies, counties, cities, towns, educational institutions and the private sector".
The United Nations sustainable development goals place restrictions on your ownership of private property, food, water, transportation, every aspect of your life, including education. Over 900 communities in Minnesota have some form of planning required by the United Nations, are associated with the APA, to implement 17sustainable development goals. These United Nations sustainable development goals are specifically designed to replace our liberties, freedoms, rights and the US Constitution with a non-elected international governance.  Your voice and vote will have no power.
 If you look at the statement of principles on the APA webpage, it clearly identifies their intentions of how the planning of your community shall look like. These self-described activist, academic students have created a network of a private public partnership (PPP) to create policy and implement these draconian practices in your community.   To your detriment, they work unopposed in local government, unfettered and unvetted.

 As it reads in the APA Statement of principles:
 Almost every community in Minnesota (AND OTHER STATES) has a city planner and they are part of a planners' network to reimaging Minnesota. ​Activists, and academics rewrite your city charter and implement a social framework.  These planners are slow and methodical in their actions.  It's like the story of a slow cooking frog, the frog is slowly dying, but does not realize its impending demise as the water gradually heats up.
 We as citizens rely on our elected officials to make wise decisions and stay within the boundaries of our republic, but local elected bodies seem to be embracing a comprehensive blueprint on sustainability thus creating private public partnerships, enabling non-elected regional governance. Ultimately, they give up their power which is your vote and your voice. Constituents are left out of the decision making as agencies like APA, EDA, and HUD take over your communities and create an umbrella of these non-elected, non-governmental bureaucracies. They use federal and state grant money with strings attached using your tax dollars by the offering of grants like 30 pieces of silver.  Meanwhile County Commissioners and the local elected officials have relinquished their responsibilities and become nothing more than a rubber stamp. .  Examples: Commissions that the mayor appoints, or an agency that the County Commissioner creates whereby you, the constituents, are left with no voice to represent them.
 This is happening all cross Minnesota in every community, as Mayors, City Councils and County Commissioners appoint new bodies of government to do their work.   From Commissions to Committees, your liberties are being stripped away.
 We are just a pot of slow cooking frogs.
 Ron Branstner

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