This info is from a MN group (MACC) who has fought Common Core for some time.
Surveys appear to be a big part of this. REMEMBER, COMMON CORE IS BROUGHT TO YOU
BY SOURCEWELL !!! See links at bottom to articles that this group MACC has
published. Long but worth it.

These surveys catapulted under Common Core when FERPA (Family Education Rights &
Privacy Act) rights were removed with the technology insertion (among other
things...) that began in 2010. Tablets, ipads and chrome books were simply a
means of replacing the old 'paper file cabinet' to electronic means, while
completely undermining parent rights and student privacy.
MACC spearheaded the surveys and did a majority of the research and writing on
the surveys themselves found in our schools at that time. A co-founder of MACC,
did a plethora of research on Common Core itself. They eventually had to change
MACC from Common Core to "Minnesota Advocates & Champions for Children" because
they were finding the initiative was SO much more: Crappy math, lowered
standards, increased standardized testing, surveys, data, mental health,
sexuality, parental rights, and so on.
What you are seeing now with equity and transgenderism is everything we saw
global standards). This became blatantly clear by the time kids were graduating
from high school in 2018.

There are so many players in the game, . "Climate change" isn't about the
earth's global warming as much as it is about changing our kids and removal of
anything moral while grooming them into a non-thinking/reacting society.

Involvement with MACC began when parents had 6th graders bringing home surveys
from Minnetonka school district. The surveys went WAY beyond the bi-annual
student health "sex" surveys from the MN DOH. MACC began asking parents around
the state if they saw any of this in their school. They were astonished to learn
MANY schools in fact were!
Just like the crappy math, they saw a slow frog boil with the transgender
movement...and you see where things are now.

The surveys DIDN'T start with all this gender euphoria. It started with likes,
dislikes, birthdates, hair color; etc. And just like a trafficking groomer, the
questions over time began to look more like: How do your parents treat you? Have
you ever tried drugs or a little alcohol? Do you get enough to eat? How do you
sleep? Any medications? What kind of sex have you tried? How many partners? Use
a condom? Pregnant?

Answer the question how you 'identify' and you're a slave to the data system AND
the system of technology and its algorithms that will take you anywhere,
anytime, and with ANYONE.
Regarding Matchomatics, Including links to articles on surveys from 2015. I am
certain there are more! Some are personality surveys where teachers review the
results of student data for 'classroom discussion' during English class.
Teachers are NOT mental health professionals.
Through these efforts, we DO have a MN student survey statute that passed in 2016.


This pertains to both public and charter school (charter schools are public
schools). HOWEVER...if a private school were to take one penny of Fed Ed
funding, one should be aware of the rules to play by. Parents have the final
authority, and in the case with private, Catholic education they have ZERO
business asking these kinds of questions of minors.









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