ERIC – The Electronic Registration Information Center – A dream database for voter fraud

This information is from the American Policy Center.

The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a nation-wide voter data-gathering system, funded by the Pew Center and an “anonymous” donor, the Soros Open Society. Designed by activists in 2014, it is a membership organization established to maintain states’ voter rolls. Please don’t misunderstand. Legitimate maintenance of voter rolls, although required of every state by law, was not the intent of ERIC.

Eleven blue states joined the first year, 2014. Membership was up to 22 states by 2017, which was the last year that it published an annual report. By 2022, 31 states – some red and some blue! – were a part of the Center.

Read the Full Article HERE to discover what states have thrown away there sovereignty. You might NOT be surprised to see Minnesota in the list.

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