Get ready for your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE

Starting with Corporations, we are next if they get their way. From our friends 
at JBS:



URGENT: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) — one of the hundreds of 
federal agencies — has proposed a radical new rule implementing a woke, leftist 
“Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG) agenda and paving the way for a 
federally-enforced “social credit score.”

In March, the SEC proposed a major rule that would require public companies to 
disclose their carbon emissions, along with the emissions of their customers and 
suppliers. The agency is currently accepting public comments regarding the 
proposal, as required under federal law. The comment period ends Friday, June 17.

The SEC’s rule is dangerous. Most prominently, by pursuing this rule, the U.S. 
federal government is implementing ESG — essentially a “social credit score” for 
corporations pressuring them to adopt uber-woke policies. ESG-pushing companies 
like BlackRock have successfully pushed many corporations far to the Left. If 
the federal government adopts the same policies, this pressure will only 
intensify — and multiple other federal agencies are considering similar policies.

Furthermore, in their attempt to comply with the (costly and burdensome) rule 
while maintaining a high “score,” companies might impose their own social credit 
scores on consumers. This could result in average Americans being denied 
services because they haven’t adopted a Great-Reset-compliant lifestyle.

More broadly, the SEC’s rule is a sneaky way to help end the use of oil and gas 
while implementing radical green-new-deal environmentalist policies. Unable to 
implement its collectivist agenda via legislation, the Left is pursuing 
regulatory workarounds.

Last, but certainly not least, the SEC — or the federal government for that 
matter — does not have authority to regulate business, including for 
climate-change-related reasons. Its rule is illegal and unconstitutional.

Contact the SEC, point out the many problems with its ESG rule, and urge it to 
abandon this dangerous and extreme proposal.

COPY & PASTE the following link into your URL in order to contact and urge the 
SEC to abandons it's radical ESG rule:

Thank you,

Your Friends in The John Birch Society

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