School Lunch Funding Requires Pro-LGBTQ Ideology

Please forward and Protest! Thanks!

Pastors need to rise up, along with their congregations!

Please forward to your pastors.

Dear Pastor XXXX,

Schools accepting public money for lunches will be forced to include LGB+
agenda. I think there is a Scripture about forcing people to do what they don’t
want–but can’t find it!

Our/Your Congregation needs to be aware of this, Pastors XXX.


Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The radical LGBTQ ideology continues battering our schools, kids, and families.

Schools are being forced to adhere to twisted sexual orientation/gender identity policies if they want to receive federal school lunch funding. The Biden Administration announced
hat any state or local agency that received funding from the Food and Nutrition Services of the Department of Agriculture must align with the Administration’s interpretation of Title IX  which now includes gender identity and sexual orientation. Title IX was originally created to give girls and women protection against discrimination in educational settings, including sports. Now, the Biden Administration is adding its own interpretation to include sexual orientation/gender identity (SOGI) language. This forces schools to adhere to SOGI ideology and policies on school systems across the nation in order to receive school lunch funding.

Since some states have pushed back on allowing males to participate in sports as females, and prohibited biological males from using girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, this puts federal funding and law at odds with some state laws. Let your federal and state officials know that forcing schools to accept these radical interpretations of Title IX is harmful, and goes against the rights of states to legislate on this issue.
Please send a message today to your officials about this issue. Click below to get started–it’s quick and easy to do.
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