Action on radical new pending teacher 
licensing rules: The Minnesota Teacher Licensing Board known as PELSB is about 
to adopt new Rules and Standards that will determine what all teachers in 
Minnesota must understand and implement.

MORE INFO ON THIS : Action on radical new pending teacher 
licensing rules: The Minnesota Teacher Licensing Board known as PELSB is about 
to adopt new Rules and Standards that will determine what all teachers in 
Minnesota must understand and implement. (CPL article Teachers must demonstrate 
a Marxist worldview to obtain their teaching license 
.) Unless they are stopped, the new standards will become official sometime 
after the August 24th Administrative Law Judge Hearing. The new teaching 
standards will embed basic Marxist principles and practices such as critical 
race theory (CRT), fluid sexual identity, and gender politics into ALL Minnesota 
schools. When formally adopted, higher education programs in elementary, early 
childhood education, and adult basic education will be required to implement 
these standards in order for their graduates to be eligible to be licensed to 
teach in Minnesota. Some additional resources are here as background when 
sharing with your private school, your candidates and your school board members: 
* Rule Draft RD4615 (cplaction.com) 
Proposed Standards of Effective Practice * Teacher-Licensing-Law-Rules-Abstract 
Abstract of current Rules and Statutes that govern licensing * 
Teacher-Licensing-Law-Rules-Report (PDF) 
Full report of Rules and Statutes that govern licensing The PELSB Licensing 
Board needs to know that Minnesota parents and taxpayers expect and demand 
education, not indoctrination. Each person will have four minutes to speak. Use 
some of the examples below. As you read through these proposed standards, you 
will see that they are ideological, not academic. They require teachers to adopt 
a worldview that is hostile to the social, ideological and moral standards that 
most Minnesotans hold dear. For example: [All italics are quotations from the 
proposed new Standards.] * Teachers will be required to encourage students to 
identify themselves as part of groups, not as their individual identities: 36.10 
Help students develop positive social identities based on their membership in 
multiple​ groups in society. * Teachers will be required to affirm and "empower" 
gender fluidity, sexual orientation, and transgender identities." 38.7 The 
teacher fosters an environment that ensures student identities such as​ 
race/ethnicity, national origin, language, sex and gender, gender identity, 
sexual orientation,​ physical/developmental/emotional ability, socioeconomic 
class, and religious beliefs are​ historically and socially contextualized, 
affirmed, and incorporated into a learning​ environment where students are 
empowered to learn and contribute as their whole selves. * Teachers will be 
required to teach that inequities of oppressed groups are currently structured 
into the system i.e., systemic racism: 38:12 The teacher understands and 
supports students as they recognize and process​ dehumanizing biases, 
discrimination, prejudices, and structural inequities. * Teachers will be 
required to differentiate their curriculum and teaching by race and choose 
BLM-type resources: 40.3 The teacher plans how to achieve each student's 
learning goals by choosing​ anti-racist, culturally relevant, and responsive 
instructional strategies, accommodations,​ and resources to differentiate 
instruction for individuals and groups of learners. * Teachers will be required 
to highlight and emphasize identity groups and culture from groups that the Left 
identifies as oppressed, including transgender, fluid gender identity, sexual 
orientations and non-white ethnicities while demeaning the traditional, dominant 
American culture and values: 40.6 The teacher features, highlights, and uses 
resources written and developed by​ traditionally marginalized voices that offer 
diverse perspectives on race, culture, language,​ gender, sexual identity, 
ability, religion, nationality, migrant/refugee status, socioeconomic​ status, 
housing status, and other identities traditionally silenced or omitted from 
curriculum. * Teachers will be required to teach students to view people as 
divided into oppressor and oppressed groups and the oppressed must be liberated 
from the oppressors: 40.12 The teacher creates opportunities for students to 
learn about power, privilege,​ intersectionality, and systemic oppression in the 
context of various communities and​ empowers learners to be agents of social 
change to promote equity. * Teachers will be required to train students into 
political agitators through "Action Civics,'" which is what service learning and 
community-based learning have become: 40.22 integrate real-world learning 
opportunities, including service learning,​ community-based learning, and 
project-based learning, into instruction. * Teachers will be required to connect 
students to political agitators around the country and the world: 41.2 extend 
student interaction with ideas and people locally​ and globally. * Teachers will 
be required to encourage students to oppose the dominant American culture and 
traditional understandings of race (while we have different ethnicities, we are 
all members of the human race).: 41:14 The teacher encourages critical thinking 
about culture and race and includes​ missing narratives to dominant culture in 
the curriculum. * Teachers will be required to implement Social Emotional 
Learning (SEL indoctrinates students' values, attitudes and beliefs, e.g., 
mandating equal outcomes by race or other "protected/oppressed groups"): 41.21 
develop social​ and emotional competencies. * Teachers will be required to teach 
that our founding principles are oppressive: 42.9 The teacher understands the 
historical foundations of education in Minnesota,​ including laws, policies, and 
practices, that have and continue to create inequitable​ opportunities, 
experiences, and outcomes for learners, especially for Indigenous students​ and 
students historically denied access, underserved, or underrepresented on the 
basis of​ race, class, gender, sexual orientation, language, socioeconomic 
status, or country of origin.​ * Teachers will be required to teach that racism 
is built into all relationships, groups, and current institutions: 42:14 The 
teacher understands how prejudice, discrimination, and racism operates​ at the 
interpersonal, intergroup, and institutional levels. * Teachers will be required 
to consider themselves as biased with intersecting oppressive identities (race, 
gender, heterosexual, etc.): 42.16 The teacher explores their own intersecting 
social identities and how they​ impact daily experience as an educator. * 
Teachers will be required to self-criticize based on this Marxist worldview and 
self-censor: 42:21 The teacher uses a variety of self-assessment and 
problem-solving strategies​ 42.22 to analyze and reflect on their practice and 
to make adaptations and adjustments toward​ 42.23 more equitable outcomes. * 
Teachers will be required to challenge and ignore traditional knowledge, 
teaching practices, and beliefs: 43.21 The teacher recognizes the responsibility 
to question normative school​ knowledge, conventional teaching and other 
professional practices, and beliefs and​ assumptions about diverse students, 
their families, and communities that adversely impact​ learning. * Racial 
divisions will be considered central as seen in this whole section: 44.4 
Standard 8. Racial consciousness and reflection * Teachers will be required to 
teach that identity groups that are to be considered oppressed must be viewed 
through a lens of intersecting oppressions: 44.20 The teacher understands the 
impact of the intersection of race and ethnicity​ with other forms of 
difference, including class, gender, sexuality, religion, national origin,​ 
immigration status, language, ability, and age Please share about the coming 
standards with those who will be most affected. Who does this impact? * Public 
school teachers, students, parents, and administrators * Private school 
teachers, students, parents, and administrators * Public and private higher 
education institutions with an education department * School board members * 
School board candidates * School choice advocates Will legislative candidates, 
school board candidates, & candidates for statewide office, school choice 
advocates, and private schools demand Walz reverse this before they are 
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