Central Mn Patriot at County Commissioner Mtg

Only 9 min long, worth watching. Speaker first makes a great case on Election
issues and then finishes it off asking why on earth the taxpayers should fund
Libraries with Drag Queen story time and books like Perfectly Normal. Her
testimony is compelling and my guess is that is the reason they let her go way
over the allotted time.


      As citizens are emboldened to speak out , they may actually win over
people with conscience on a City Council, County Board, School Board or Township
Board who just need some citizen support. Even tho I am a big fan of THROW THE
BUMS OUT, some may be worth keeping.  But these citizens who speak out need OUR
support too. It can be nerve racking  the first few times you do it.

ALSO, when you speak out, you may embarrass the enemy.  We know of a Lefty
School Counselor who resigned recently after exposure. PLEASE SPEAK OUT !!!!

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