LCCMR -Newest threat to Land Use in MN

Its actually an old threat but this program in MN will essentially bypass your County Boards, though it will use the Traitors that exist there. Those Traitors are in the form of members of League of Cities, Regional Planners and Sourcewell. PLUS those weak Republicans who keep taking the Grants from those 3 sources which locks us in to complete takeover by Walz and Cronies.

     This LCCMR committee will be using the Endangered Species Act for guidance. Why is that a problem ? In the last couple decades, literally thousands of plants have been added to that list even as many Animal Species have been removed. These PLANTS have been used nationwide to essentially halt Farming, Timber and Mining operations on PRIVATE LAND.  Two sources for this information are available.

1) Home – American Policy Center Tom Deweese. Website is <>  

See article on ESA:

The Endangered Species Act: Thirty years of Endangering People and Animals is Enough – American Policy Center

2) Range Magazine website is <>

See article on ESA:

FA02 layout ESA 7/15 END.cjg (

    Two huge concerns for Minnesotans.

1) They will begin by focusing on any land under the care of the State of MN including Rest Stops on highways.

2) The MET COUNCIL has set aside many lands under REGIONAL CONTROL – Yes, your Region 5, WCI, all of your 10 REGIONAL PLANNING DISTRICTS

     The above 2 are crucial because if ANY ENDANGERED PLANT IS FOUND ON THESE AREAS, they can lock up very large numbers of PRIVATE ACRES to protect that Plant Species.  See their 6 Year Strategic Plan below.


  I am assuming that an alert group of County Commissioners could sue and lock this up in court but WILL THEY ???   Not from what I have seen on those Boards. This should be a huge issue for Farmers and I would hope that someone with influence would have the guts to take this on. An election year is a good time because then our Republican Party Candidates can once again pretend to care about local issues. But wait – THEY WILL PROMISE YOU NEW LEGISLATION WHEN THEY GET ELECTED.  Make them speak out publicly NOW or dump them. (Probably should dump them anyhow )


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