This week local voices brought truth to the community in meetings and over
the air waves.  Listen to these messages and make your voice heard.
 Courage is Contagious.

***Steve Kron of Sartell with '*Kids Over Politics 748'*  aired the group's
concerns on KNSI Radio of the hard porn books in the Sartell High School
Library.  Audio below 15:26 minutes.
***Sandy addressed the issue of porn in schools and the library at the
Stearns Co. Commissioners meeting.  'We have become a lawless, sanctuary
community for groomers'. Audio below  3:45 minutes
***Pete Wilson also spoke out at the Stearns Co. Commissioners meeting
addressing the issues of silencing our voices, League of Cities and paying
a monetary reward to turn in election fraud. Audio below  4:09 minutes.
***Mary Kay's Letter to the Editor in the Newsleaders, warns St Joe
citizen's of a proposed land expansion to offset a tax base shortfall.


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