Besides this article, the verification we have is from Transit Drivers who say their companies have been approached to participate in this.
A recent media report claimed that Minnesota was one of the top destinations for “migrants” accepting free tickets from other states (reported in the Star Tribune, which we will not directly link to).  St Cloud seems to be one destination, read article below

Texts show Metro Transit recruiting drivers to transport illegal aliens in Minnesota | by Crimewatchmn | Jan, 2024



We have known for years that NGOs in Morrison and 4 nearby Counties were trying to create  a HUGE transportation system, basically Door To Door, 24/7 throughout Region 5. I was allowed to participate in this as were as few other citizens who had basically no say IN THE PROCESS. Most of the participants were Friends of Region 5 and Sourcewell  such as The Initiative Foundation who were, of course, fully on board with the Plans.

 One of our warnings to them was that taxpayers, even with subsides, would never be able to afford this.  DID YOU NOTICE LAST SPRING WHEN BRAINERD TRANSIT COMPANY HAD TO DRAMATICALLY REDUCE SERVICES ETC FOR LACK OF FUNDS ? As we have warned you, ALL THE SYSTEMS THEY SELL YOU WILL FAIL. ON PURPOSE. (Trails, Convention Centers, Transit, Green Energy)

     When I first hired on, back in about 1998, it was a privilege to land a Transit job. Now they can’t BUY Drivers. You certainly have heard of all the Nightmares on various bus systems throughout the state from School Buses fights to losing 90 drivers in the Twin Cities. AND THE JOBS PAY GREAT AND HAVE GREAT BENEFITS. 

 This is part of the Plan, just like with Police. Drive most citizens AWAY from these jobs and then fill them with migrants, whom you can bet will vote !! YOU ARE BEING REPLACED !!!

 Your Counties are very corrupted and basically run by the NGOs we have discussed :

Hostile Groups – SAVE YOUR CITIES

You can still protect your Schools and Communities if you establish CONSTITUTIONAL COMMON LAW AT THE TOWNSHIP LEVEL. SEE HOW :


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