More evidence for need for CONSTITUTIONAL TWPs (And Counties)

1) Audio of Conservative MN School Board members being Censored in Elk River

State Rep Reacts to School Board Censuring Conservatives (

2) Short Public speech by Tricia Lindsay. She has all the PASSION that we Conservative Christian Whites seem have lost. The only thing I would disagree with, is her reference to supporting a Constitutional Convention. You have already heard my complaints about that. American Males, where is your Passion??  If we are being replaced, maybe we deserve it.


3) Important video, COUNTY OVER COUNTRY. (From Matt Trewhella of DEFY TYRANTS) . Our advice is not Armed Militia, but local Volunteer Citizens Groups to assist in Emergencies:


MN, its yours to lose OR WIN. Please stop slobbering over Speakers and issues WHICH GIVE YOU NO LOCAL SOLUTIONS !! Basic Plans described below can be modified as you see fit for your Community :

SAVE YOUR CITIES – Tools to Take back your Community

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