Pastor Trewhella speaks directly to MN Christians and Churches

NOTE – His important video should pierce to the heart, every Christian who is not speaking out or doing SOMETHING to expose the madness in our local Schools and Communities. We have no excuse with all the speakers and videos circulating this past few years. Also knowing we have a Great group, right here in MN, mostly women, who have been coming to our Communities to show us the Evil Programs in our Schools. (Same groups are ruining our Communities) Please view their website and decide how YOU can help.



Do churches and Christians have a role in politics? Should churches be speaking to politicians on moral issues? Absolutely. The Bible clearly teaches that it is our duty. Pastor Matt Trewhella spoke in Alexandria, MN on Dec 5, 2023. His talk begins about 30 min into the program :



SAVE YOUR CITIES – Tools to Take back your Community

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