Petition for Referedum to Morrison County’s Resolution Regarding Auditor-T…sition


Good evening Morrison County residents.

I have started a petition aiming to reverse the resolution passed on Feb 21, 
2023, by the Morrison County Board of Commissioner’s with a 4-1 vote, Bobby 
Kasper-District 5 was the lone ‘no’ vote, to make the county auditor-treasurer 
position an appointed position.

The County Board went against all public testimony given during the Jan 17, 2023 
required Public Input Hearing and against the 62.1% of residents that voted in 
an online poll by the Morrison County Record published on Nov 27, 2022. Also, 
remember that the county auditor is the gatekeeper to the elections of our 
county and therefore should have to answer to the residents of the county via an 
election every 4 years.

The attached file of the petition can be downloaded and printed on your own if 
you so chose. If printing yourself, THIS MUST BE ON LEGAL SIZE PAPER 8.5”X14” 
and can ONLY be signed by a legal registered voter of Morrison County, MN.

If you would like copies to help us gain the minimum 2,138 signatures required 
in 30 days to reverse this decision, you would like to make arrangements to sign 
the petition yourself, to deliver copies of the petition to me or someone else 
from our group, or if you have any other inquiries regarding this petition, 
please send all communications to my secondary email: 
pe****************@ya***.com <mailto:pe****************@ya***.com" data-original-string="Pv4C3xNEpyTadXkZo897b4LTLYRiUmMb2GYlo6YroAw=" title="This contact has been encoded by Anti-Spam by CleanTalk. Click to decode. To finish the decoding make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.>

Sending all communications to that email will help streamline this effort.

We would appreciate any and all assistance in our efforts to keep the 
auditor-treasurer position an elected one and I sincerely thank you in advance!

Stay strong and vigilant,

Jeremy J. Pekula

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