Good afternoon everyone! First of all, there has been no word from the Morrison County Auditor’s Office in regard to the verification status of our petition to keep the County Auditor/Treasurer an elected official. I will certainly hear something this coming week and I will certainly let everyone know when I do. I’ve looked at the proposed agenda for the next Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, March 28th and there’s nothing in there concerning this issue. I have attached the PDF file of the filing receipt to this email for everyone to view and the video that we took of the filing is now available on YouTube at:

Petition Filing to Rescind Morrison County Resolution to Appoint Auditor/Treasurer Position – YouTube

You’ll probably need to turn the volume all the way up on your device to hear the conversation because it was recorded on my phone. A special thank you to Scott, Cassie, Julie, and Nick (videographer) for joining me and assisting in filing all these petitions on behalf of We The People of Morrison County! Many more Thank You’s still to come and I will wait with those until we know the outcome.

Next, on Tuesday, April 4th is the newly rescheduled date for the Little Falls Schools Strategic Planning Meeting that is open to the public. It is from 4:30-5:30pm in the Little Falls High School Media Center. Attendance is highly encouraged if you have children or grandchildren in ISD. 482 or if public education is an important issue to you.

Also on April 4th, District 10 Senator Nathan Wesenberg will be hosting a 2A Rally at the Little Falls VFW from 7-9pm. (See attachment.) As you will see, MN Representatives Ron Kresha (10A), Isaac Schultz (10B) and Mike Wiener (5B) have been invited as well as Morrison County GOP BPOU Chair John Ulrick, Morrison County Sheriff Shawn Larsen, Bret Bussman, and members of the Little Falls Police Department. Please spread the word and let’s have a tremendous turnout that night! 

Because of this event, we will NOT be having a regular community group meeting that night and we will tentatively be meeting the following week on April 11th at the LF Town Hall. Update coming later this week.

We now have posters and flyers for our upcoming event at the Little Falls VFW on April 15th available for distribution! Please contact me if you are interested in helping spread the word on this event and getting these distributed as quickly as we can.

Lastly, the Brainerd Christian school Stare Academy is currently hiring Teachers and Staff. If there are people/parents seeking a teaching position and other staff both PT and FT, check out:

Employment – Stare Academy

Alternative Education option:

Kay Kahler is looking for families who are interested in carpooling to Brainerd Stare Academy for Fall of 2023. They will offer PK-9th grade next year. They are a classical Christian school that opened last year with 37 students and adding students throughout the year, currently over 60 students strong. If interested, please contact Kay at (320) 630-2697 for more information.

Thanks again to all of you! Your determination, hard work, and support for one another is paying dividends every single day!

Stay Strong and Vigilant,

Jeremy J. Pekula

Central Minnesota Freedom Coalition

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