Rockefeller Foundation $7.2 Million to Push COVID-19 Injections

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An initiative funded in part by the Rockefeller Foundation is investing an initial $7.2 million in behavioral research focused on convincing more people to get the COVID-19 injections, the foundation announced last week.

The initiative is called The Mercury Project, run by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC). In September 2021, the SSRC received a three-year $7.5 million grant from the Rockefeller Foundation “toward the costs of launching a research consortium to drive acceptance and uptake of Covid-19 vaccination efforts and provide insights to counter health mis- and dis- information.” The grant will fund research through August 31, 2024. _

The Rockefeller Foundation is a globalist organization founded by oil magnate and robber baron John D. Rockefeller in 1913. Since then, the foundation has influenced many of the world’s largest and most powerful institutions, including the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health.

**Startup with significant ties to US intelligence and regulatory agencies to manufacture new mRNA vaccines** (  )

_Historically, vaccines take 10-15 years to develop. The COVID-19 vaccines were developed in less than a year. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responsible for licensing vaccines approved the COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use (EUA)._

It is worth noting that this was the first time since the enactment of EUA in the early 2000s that it was used to approve a new vaccine. Not only are the COVID-19 vaccines new, they are brand-new technologies, never before used on humans. There were doctors who were skeptical. They claimed that vaccine development cycles cannot be shortened no matter how much money is thrown at it. They were concerned that long term effects would not appear in the 3-6 months of the clinical trials.

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