Global Diversity in MN

Our Website Note –EVER WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO WILMAR, MN ? (Look no further than your local NGOs and their FOUNDATION PARTNERS, YOU, RURAL MN, are Next !!!!!


To provide more insight into the global diversity conundrum taking place in MN, Ron Branstner has passed along this enlightening 2017 video.

"Governor Dayton' was not shy to express his views on how he viewed Minnesota's future of globalization. He worked tirelessly to further the agenda of cheap labor and forced integration, when he stated, 'If you are that intolerant, if you are that much of a racist or a bigot, then find another state.  Find a state where the minority population is 1 percent or whatever.  It’s not that in Minnesota.  It’s not going to be again.  It’s not going to be that in St. Cloud or Rochester or Worthington,’ Dayton said.  MN Gov. Dayton and Willmar's Les Heitke were on the same page."   Ron

In this video (11:19min), “Willmar: Working Across Difference,” former Willmar, MN, mayor, Les Heitke, touts diversity.  He served as vice president of the National League of Cities (18,000 US cities) and is an alumnus of multiple Blandin Community Leadership Retreats. Valerie Shangreau, Director, Blandin Funds Leadership Program, introduces the video.

Heitke explains that diversity is what Willmar needs to grow.  “If you want to see what MN will look like in 2020... come to Willmar now.”  He states, “We used to be a North European kind of minority population.  Now we have 37 different cultures in Willmar.”

 “We have to study these cultures, family life, differences in their culture and our culture.... get ourselves educated with seminars, workshops like people in the Blandin program, become educated regarding diversity... examine your biases, attitudes.”

Heitke alludes to some financial, cultural and religious benefits of the immigrants, but places the ultimate responsibility for Willmar on its oppressors (he doesn’t use that term), those who built Willmar and raised their families there for generations. Yes, to level the playing field, Willmar’s own must look to diversity, must adapt to incoming cultural norms, religious traditions/ mosques and political beliefs.  

Once sufficiently guilted, many followed this mild-mannered pied piper down the slippery slope that today finds Willmar rife with issues.  These include the flight of businesses and citizens stressed with the complex problems that historically arise with the unnatural, rapid influx of opposing cultural expectations and belief systems...  from the false promises of the wonders of multi-cultural diversity. 

Willmar working across difference: Les Heitke <>

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