Sen Wesenberg calls out MNGOP for LACK OF INTEGRITY

Mar 29, 2024
I am completely disgusted in the lack of leadership from the MNGOP. We say we are a party for the grassroots and encourage people to get involved at the local level to create change. Then when people get involved to have their voices heard, MNGOP does everything in their power to silence them. This is a disgrace. We have former military personnel, who I assume fought to defend our freedoms, who are now fighting to take them away! You should be ashamed of yourselves. David Hann is a dictator who can be bought by the highest bidder. America is a Constitutional Republic ran by the people, for the people. Anyone who does not believe this, please remove yourself from a leadership position. Your time is done. People are too focused on the metro population. We have a state full of Minnesotans that will vote Republican if we speak to them and uphold American values.

We continue to do the same thing and continue to lose. Republicans stayed home in record numbers last election, because our message doesn’t match our actions. If you want to be a moderate Democrat, join them and push out the far left politicians. There are millions of red-blooded, freedom loving Americans in Minnesota, we should start to listen to them.

Leadership is not about absolute power and authority; leaders lead by example. A true leader would follow the rules and listen to the will of the people. The MNGOP “leader” relishes in absolute power and dictatorship. Our “leader” has said my voice and the voice of the people do not matter.

Apparently, citizens are objects to be used and they should not be heard. I do not wish to live in a country ruled by kings, money and absolute power. We should start by honoring the wishes of the delegates who came to caucus and not disenfranchising them. We should expect greatness from leaders, not cowardice. The MNGOP says it does not get involved at the BPOU level, which is a huge lie that is on a stage for everyone to see. The MNGOP gets involved when it benefits the interest of those who wish to have power, but does nothing if they have something to lose.

I follow the Republican constitution and those who call themselves republicans, should do the same. If you do not believe in the Republican parties’ framework, please leave. The United States constitution informs the government that we the people are in control. David Hann is single handedly bastardizing the rights of Minnesota citizens. I hope the board will remove him from his position and we the people will find a more just servant leader.

I call on the members of the state executive committee to immediately call an Otter Tail County convention and reinstate ALL delegates.

God Bless America. Senator Nathan Wesenberg

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