It always has been, actually, but since we are so far removed from its inception, most folks don’t understand why we can’t just come up with something new or extra. Especially since many Courts and Elected officials seem to ignore it.

     Do you think the British Empire game a damn about it ? NO, but our Founders persevered anyhow. Why ??  Several reasons :

1) The Constitution mirrored the Common Law concepts of the last few centuries, well known to Europeans through such things as the MAGNA CARTA.  Actually went back way before that even into Pagan societies where local Magistrates had stood up to Dictators to protect the local people.

2)  As a basically Christian people, Europeans and Americans recognized that these concepts, actually originated from The Creator as seen in the Bill Of Rights. This superseded ANY Governmental entity.

3) If you read the Old Testament, you will discover that our Creator specifically chose LOCAL RULE, Judges over Kings but the Israelites rejected that.  THIS IS WHAT WE CALL COMMON LAW.

4) The track record of the last 250 years, with all its mistakes and even sometimes misguided Evil choices, far surpasses any Nation or System in History for the good it has achieved. I should not have to name those here. If you don’t see it, you may be beyond help. Read any World History book written before 1970.

                     ANY OTHER SOLUTION TO OUR CURRENT PROBLEMS IS A FRAUD !!!   This includes the so- called CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION.  Every great Conservative of the last 60 years has warned us of this. By GREAT, I mean the ones whose own work and warnings to us have fully proved themselves over the years.  No thanks to the NEO – CONS !! (New Conservatives who disregard all the earlier work that came before them )

FORTUNATELY, MANY AMERICANS, INCLUDING MINNESOTANS, HAVE FINALLY AWAKENED TO THESE PRINCIPALS. Look at Illinois. For 100 years, one of the most corrupt states in the Nation. Many of their Counties are now standing up publicly against Unconstitutional rulings by their Governor. And a large majority of Illinois Sheriffs have publicly agreed. There are a couple of examples on our Website. IF ILLINOIS CAN DO IT, WE CAN DO IT !!!  Very soon,  we will have the most recent MN example, drafted by a Constitutional MN Lawyer, posted on the website.




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