Once again this Plan is sweeping MN and other states. There are a variety of 
reasons why this is an extremely bad idea. Below is an article from JBS 
explaining it from their perspective but there is so much more, examples:

1) Since neither Party follows the Constitution now, why are NEW laws going to 
suddenly force them to comply, answer : THEY WON'T !!  Kind of like More Gun or 
Drug laws.

2) Since each state gets to pick it own Reps for such a Convention, how many 
Repubs do YOU trust in power today especially in MN ? I trust almost NONE. Look 
at the recent VOTER FRAUD of dumping duly elected Delegates because Party CHOSEN 
ones were not picked and then forcing the process into the Primaries.

3)  The LEFT highly favors the CON CON, as many call it.

4) Since the Federal and State elections were so fair in 2020 ?????, suddenly we 
should trust our very Constitution to the SYSTEM and the MEDIA.

  Only a fool could trust such a process. Restore the REPUBLIC FIRST before even 
considering such lunacy,  Greg      SEE JBS ARTICLE BELOW:


      *What Is a Constitutional Convention?*

A Constitutional Convention is an official meeting of representatives of the 
people of a state or nation for the purpose of writing or amending its 
constitution.Article V <>of the U.S. 
Constitution provides two ways to propose amendments:

 1. Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall
    propose amendments;
 2. Congress, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the
    several States, shall call a convention for proposing amendments.

The first method has been used 27 times; the second method has never been used. 
Any proposed amendments would have to be ratified by three fourths of the states 
before being added to the Constitution.

An Article V Constitutional Convention would threaten individual rights and our 
nation’s very form of government. Individual rights are secured by the 
Constitution, and a Con-Con would have the inherent power to become a “runaway” 
convention that could completely change the Constitution. How do we know such a 
convention could become a “runaway”?

 1. There’s theprecedent
    <>of the
    Philadelphia Convention of 1787, which completely rewrote the Articles of
    Confederation and changed the ratification procedure; and
 2. There’s the right of the sovereign people meeting in convention to alter or
    abolish their form of government (as stated in the Declaration of
    Independence), which could include rewriting the Constitution and changing
    the ratification procedure.

      *Learning From History: What Happened in 1787?*

The preceding Annapolis Convention of 1786 issued a call for a convention with 
delegates from all 13 states to devise changes to the then-government Articles 
of Confederation, thefirst constitution of the United States 
<>prior to the current 
Constitution. These revisions, or changes, to the Articles of Confederation, 
would need to be agreed to by Congress and then be “afterwards confirmed by the 
legislatures of every state” as required by Article XIII of the Articles of 
Confederation. Early in 1787 Congress issued aresolution authorizing a 
the same ratification requirement, and nine of the twelve states that sent 
delegates to the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 also included the Article XIII 
ratification requirement.


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