The Constitutional Republic Party

(Editors Note) From my perspective - These folks appear to be interested in the local work we do. They realize that a new Party alone, cannot hope to make a 
difference and will require much Grassroots input. For myself, I will see how 
this develops and if it truly supports our local Action. Decide for yourself but 
definitely check out their information, Greg
PS - Don't forget our COMMON LAW option, one of our few tools left at the local level!

 From Jeremy

I would like to share with everyone that The Constitutional Republic Party
website is fully updated with Membership and Donation tabs. The tentative
By-Laws are also posted as well as a sign-up tab to get email notifications
of news and announcements.

If anyone wants to be involved in the development of this platform, please
go to the website and check it out. If you have questions or comments, you
can reach out to Travis ‘Bull’ Johnson (Party Chair) via email at


  or Patrick (Communications Director)


I can also assist with any questions you may have as well. By joining this
party now, you will help dictate how this party operates, functions, and
help us create a party that is for The People, by The People.


Jeremy J. Pekula

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