Website Note __Tom is surely one of the true heroes of the Conservative movement 
in America over the last 30 years or so. The John Birch Society, whom is he a 
member of, first brought the Communist Influence in America to our attention  
about 1960. Tom has specialized in pointing out the very groups, NGOs, who have 
invaded our schools and communities, and in MN, they are now in full control. 
Unfortunately, the market is now crammed with zillions of Conspiracy Theories, 
some valuable, some not, but that has really splintered the support for the 
authentic ones like Tom.  He is asking for our support now and if you can help, 
even a few dollars, I am sure it would be greatly appreciated. Make sure you buy 
his book, SUSTAINABLE. It should be required reading for all Conservatives, 
Thanks, Greg



  I'm in urgent need of your help. APC ( American Policy Center) is experiencing 
a severe funding shortage.

Donations were a little slow during the election as candidates were gathering 
donations. That’s to be expected during an election season.

But since the election donations to APC have really slowed. For the first time 
in several years we are having trouble paying our regular bills. It doesn't help 
that inflation has increased our operating expenses by 15%

This is serious as it can stop APCs ability to grow our very effective programs. 
I can’t let that happen.

Now is the time for us to step up our efforts to recruit and train local 
activists to build those Freedom Pods. We’ve got to build the force to stop 
these forces of evil. APC is a major leader in that effort.

It’s urgent! Please help me to keep APC strong and effective in this critical time.

I never send appeals like this. I usually try to find another way to solve 
shortages - which do happen occasionally. But this is a real crisis. APC faces a 
$25,000 shortage to end this year. That can crush us.

Please help me turn this around. Whatever you can give is vital. But I need it now.

I deeply appreciate all of your loyal support. Thank you!
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Tom DeWeese

PS: I'm including APC's latest update email below, please review our latest work 

Well, we didn’t have the predicted Red Tsunami on Election Day. I think you and 
I both know why.

But this is not a time to give up hope that we can restore our nation – in fact 
there are good signs that we are gaining strength.

The good news is we didn’t lose ground – we gained in Congress! Even with 
growing reports of election cheating.

The Leftist mob has entrenched massive tools of destruction affecting our food, 
energy, private property ownership, and our financial system, causing massive 
spending and inflation. They have taken huge steps to impose globalist policies, 
particularly the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, which will destroy our 
national independence and our entire system of government.

Well, there is a way for us to take action that can actually stop this globalist 
agenda – and the mid-term elections gave us the ability to do that.

How? Well, one of the real positive results for you and me in the elections was 
the strong gains in state governments. Battle-tested conservative governors won 
resounding victories in many states.

Governors and state legislators who understand their own true powers to stand up 
to federal dictates can be our most powerful tool. Our Founders created our 
system of government for just such a situation.

Illegal laws and regulations can be stopped at the state and local level.

State legislatures, County Supervisors, City Councils and local school boards 
have the power to stand up and say no to federal dictates. The U.S. Supreme 
Court has ruled that illegal rules or laws from the federal government can be 
nullified and ignored by state and local representative government.

As you know, I have been working with local citizens across the country to help 
them take the fight directly to their locally-elected representatives – to 
demand that they stand up to protect our rights. We have scored some successes. 
But we must do more.

Right now, today, you and I must take a stand to fight from the local level – in 
our own communities. We will do everything necessary to build an unbending 
platform – a permanent infrastructure. We will turn our cities into Freedom Pods 
from which local businesses, private property, and personal liberty will be 
protected from dangerous federal and globalist policies.

For the past few months, I have been working hard to make APC’s Freedom Pods 
more effective.

I’ve added new staff to work directly with local activists to give them 
leadership, providing ideas and suggestions on how to be more effective in 
organizing, encouraging the recruiting of others, and taking on fights to win.

If you can take control of these things in your community, build influence over 
policy makers, and work effectively to get good people elected to local, county, 
and state offices, you will change the attitudes and values of your whole state 
– and that will have a huge influence on the policies from the federal government!

I’m working hard to make APC the most effective force possible.

Will you stay with me and help support my efforts to build Freedom Pods 
across the nation? You don’t have to be on the front lines – I’ll do that. But I 
need your financial support to continue this fight.

Stop their globalist plans right there in your hometown and we can stop them 
Click here to help support our fight

For Our Freedom!
Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center


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