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Headlines from MSM News Sources…
NPR - Donald Trump, who tried to overturn Biden's legitimate election, launches 
2024 bid [ ]
NY Post - Donald Trump announces 2024 presidential run to make US ‘great and 
glorious again’ [ ]
Read a Full Transcript at REV
You can read the Full Transcript of Presedent Trump’s speech on [ ]. 
Early in his remarks you can read where he continues to take credit for what was 
termed Operation Warpspeed [ ]. 
It begins at 01:53.
When the virus hit our shores, I took decisive action and saved lives and the US 
Trump didn’t mention or list the things that we now know about the COVID 19 Jab. 
He failed to own up to any new knowledge that we now have about the injuries and 
deaths that have been associated with taking the shot or boosters. Thanks for 
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Perhaps he has been too busy on the golf course or traveling to all his MAGA 
rallies to read what has been happening to those who took the Jab. I believe 
that he was misled by those advisors like Dr. Fauci and others in the beginning 
in 2020. But now we all should be able to see clearly the damage done by taking 
the C19 shots.
Have a look at the VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports - click the image 
for the full website
Here is a report from Europe about how the Plandemic has been working for them.
Pfizer Appears to have Corrupted the Entire Western World Click the image above 
to watch the video.
Abortion Rights and Pro Life Issues
President Trump was totally silent. Why?
If you were watching any television reports or reading news stories leading up 
to the 2022 Midterm Elections, you may have noticed something that I noticed. 
While Republicans were talking about inflation, high gas prices, high prices at 
the grocery stores and crime, the Democrats were talking about Women’s Rights to 
abortion. The Leftists were enraged when Roe v. Wade was canceled by the US 
Supreme Court. They continued to push their platform of death on Americans 
saying that voting in Republicans would put women in jail for having abortions 
and other crazy results.
In the past President Trump was outspoken in support of life.
This was from a news article from January 19, 2018. [ ]
I believe if Donald Trump wants to win the 2024 election, he needs to not only 
stand up against all the craziness that the Biden administration has brought to 
America, he also needs to continue to stand for Life of the Unborn and the 
Elderly in America. We know that the Marxist are coming after our children in 
the education systems and in the womb. The devil hates humans and wants to kill 
those created in God’s image. If we take a strong stand for Life of the Unborn 
based on the Word of God, I believe the Lord will take care of the rest of the 
issues in our nation and the world. The Right to Life is the first right for 
Remember, God is calling on each of us to do our part. If you don’t know what 
that is just ask God what He wants you to do.
We Are The Plan! His Church is His Plan. Fear not.
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