WARNING !! HUD in your New Daycare in MN


First of all, we expected that the Initiative Foundation were going to be the
ones to get the funding in Little Falls, because they fund most of the
Sourcewell projects, which Daycare is.

Unfortunately HUD is WORSE. See the short DeWeese video below :


____HUD/HRA and Refugees__

Here in Little Falls a few years back, HUD partnered with HRA to allow more
Section 8 Housing for Elderly and Handicapped in our area. None of us are
against that if it is controlled. Fortunately is it here in that they have to
offer the units to long time residents here FIRST. We got wind of this thru a
good County Commissioner ( A rare Patriot who was then voted out). He told us
that there was a stack of about 100 applications by Somalis even before the new units were announced. When we discovered the residential requirement, we immediately contacted all the eligible folks we could think of. Fairly easy in a small town.

       During the week or so the Application process was open, literally buses
full of Somalis came to get applications. One of our friends who is handicapped, witnessed 5 applications per head of household. Remember that their households are often 8 members. Since enough residents applied, only a few Somalis snuck thru but they only lasted a few years. The claim was that they were mistreated by the public. Similar issue in Royalton where a few families came into the
school system but only lasted a couple years.
HUD will destroy your neighborhoods and is blamed for that in Baltimore
where LOW INCOME HOUSING was brought to nice neighborhoods there. Tom DeWeese
has articles on that.
If you follow my emails, I had told you about the new TRAILS systems which
will tie to all schools etc (Find the info in your City Comprehensive Plan) AND
WILL INCLUDE LOW INCOME HOUSING. Please get the word out, thanks Greg

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