This is a comment by Rick Nolan to concerns at a recent public meeting on 
Education in MN. That  meeting coincides with Bidens Exec Order 13988 to 
basically force Transgender etc into our schools. The sad thing in MN is that it 
is backed by our PAGE AMENDMENT (partly sponsored by local RON KRESHA).  Read 
the comments below from a Brainerd Patriot who attended this meeting. Please 
read BOTH pieces



Hang on Minnesota-this is Federal.
We have the "*Page Amendment*" which will change our Minnesota Constitution
to give the State Government control of your Children through the Schools.
Schools will loose their funding for Children's *FOOD** if they do not
comply* with Biden's Exec Order 13988. And Forcing your Suzie to shower
with Johhny, because he feels pretty at School has now become Mandated-*it
is called EQUAL ACCESS.*
Biden's Executive Order 13988
“Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or
Sexual Orientation”
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law
that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded
education programs and activities.
The Executive Order issued by the Biden administration expands prohibited
forms of sex discrimination under Title IX and Title VII to include
discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.
Title IX REQUIRES schools "to provide transgender students*equal access*
to educational
programs and activities *even in circumstances in **which other students,
parents, or community*
*members raise objections or concerns."*

2)  Dougs experience at the meeting (WE NEED TO TAKE THE CHILDREN)

I forgot to tell you what happened at the Rosenmeier Forum, it was
being televised. At Question & answer time I raised my hand before anyone
else-I was in front of the Stage, middle of the 1st row. one person 3 rows
behind me, liberals were all close to 5 rows behind him. No one wanted to
sit by me😉.
       I put my hand up immediately & had to hold my hand up for over 20+
minutes, the guy with the microphone finally came to me after Allen made a
comment (to me)about how I will get my question answered before the
close-gave him the thumbs up & went back to holding my hand up.
       Guy with the microphone then whispers in my ear," What are you going
to ask???" -just smiled & took the mic. I talked about how we already have
Quality Education in Minnesota, and  I see it as a breakdown of the Family
being the problem Children face, if Dad & Mom are working 3 jobs or on
drugs-Johnny is at a disadvantage as there is no one to read with him or
help with math. My question then was to Allen-what was the 1 thing that
made you persevere & be a success??? He answered "Family".
Exactly,You fix the Family you save the Child was my response. Afterwards,
talking with Rick Nolan his comment was-"We have to take the Children, as
people under 40 do not know how to teach them". They are not theirs to
take, was my response.   Doug



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