Transgender Handouts FOR YOUR SCHOOLS(MN)

2022-11-14 MREA-MSBA Transgender Handouts.pdf

This Slide Deck was recently Received by multiple Newly Elected
Conservative School Board Candidates. The more I am looking into policies,
statuates, regulations, & the MN Human Rights Act regarding the Public
School System, the more Disheartened I am becoming, in regards to my newly
elected Position on the ISD 482 School Board. In reviewing this slide deck
from the Pemberton Law Firm, it seems we are already at the point of no
return, regarding Gender Identity & Transgender rights, to where the rights
of the mentally unstable are superior to those of the mentally stable. The
Public Education System has become a literal mine field of Explosive
Landmines for the Mentally unstable LGBTQ+ to exploit, at the expense of
the Taxpayers. Our Federal Government & MN State legislature, has made it
impossible to fight back against the LGBTQ+ Communities advancement of
their agenda, without opening up the District to Multiple Exploitation
Lawsuits, that we the Taxpayers of the District would ultimately have to
foot the Bill for. At this point, I honestly feel like the only & best path
forward is to remove our Children from the Public Education System, and
enroll them in alternative Education programs.

Please let me know your thoughts in this regards.

Some of us newly elected School Board members just received this lovely presentation




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