I am referring to recent comments by some, that  Sheriffs may be opposed to Townships adding Constables. First of all, IT”S NOT THEIR CALL !!  It is still fully legal in MN. That does not mean we should discount their concerns and approach it in a DISRESPECTFUL manner. You can explain to the Sheriffs that this is not a MILITANT approach and in fact we may use UNARMED Constables.

     I told our Sheriff that we are offering to HELP him if needed but our focus was smaller TWP business. He was appreciative of that. There are many duties that the Sheriffs office does not have time for, such as squatters near the lakes. A Constable does not necessarily need weapons to have authority. Often, just the knowledge that he has LEGAL backing and that perpetrators could face fines for certain violations, can be very effective.

You really have no other options to begin to protect your Communities. Some TWPs we have spoken with would like to offer protection for Alternative Schooling, bypassing the State Curricula. Or protecting 2nd Amendment Rights, or protecting businesses during Covid type shutdowns, or Eminent Domain Land Grabs for Solar or Carbon Sequester Pipelines. This begins with Proclamations and Ordinances.

When will folks realize that not only did our Founders design it this way, but conscience dictates that we immediately step up to begin to peacefully protect our Families and Communities. If you feel you need permission from ANYBODY at this point, this shows your incredible weakness and unworthy to live in a Free Society that millions have died for. You don’t have to be confrontational or belligerent about it, just roll up your sleeves and get started.    Our Law Library has a large volume of support documents and many of them are the work and solid summary from Antonin Scalia. See Links below to Scalia essay on Common Law and the Link to Our Library and Plans :



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