The Current CON for calling a Convention of States

Article V of the Constitution of the United States

The United States Constitution, throughout history, is acknowledged as the most well written and longest lasting document of its kind. Seeking to embrace the nature of God, expressed in the relationships between citizens, states, individual liberties and individual freedoms, this brilliant document was created by servants of the people, inspired by the Holy Writ, as they sought to best express God’s laws of governance.

The U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land (Article VI, Section 2). Since the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1787, this document has been amended only 17 times in 235 years. The Constitution is not outdated, yet not without flaws. A select group of individuals, bureaucrats, and politicians have selectively and blatantly disregarded our Constitution by circumventing our rights and freedoms, to their advantage.

Actively conspiring is a select group of individuals, bureaucrats, and politicians, (who are not servants of the people), seeking to open the door to a false sense of “Hope and Change” by amending the Constitution. This is happening under the banner of Freedom and the guise of Lady Liberty, for “We the People” no longer have a true understanding regarding the original intent of our Founding Fathers.

No amendment can correct man’s greed. Where politicians are thought of as people who will say or do anything to get elected or to gain power, a statesman is one who does everything for the common good of the people they represent. To address the gluttony of political greediness which provides personal gain for themselves, rather than benefiting the Republic, the 16th, 17th and 27th amendments need to be nullified. Where nullification can be swift, less costly, and direct, amending is difficult, costly and can be tied up in court for years.

Not God inspired, our current government is aggressive in grossly overstepping the boundaries of fiscal and social responsibilities. America and her governmental machinery cannot be reined in by merely amending the Constitution through the enactment of Article V, known as the Convention of States. To do so risks duplicating the historical 1787 Runaway Convention.

The largest prize in the room, through a Convention of States, becomes the representation for individual states, and deciding who and how many. With this reapportionment come questions such as how these will be selected and who is involved in the selection process. A Convention of States opens the door to every lobbyist, corporation, business, and foundation. This, combined with no written rules or set boundaries within the Federalist Papers, and political chicanery, the biggest danger in the room becomes those selecting the delegates and who are they truly going to represent. Will it be “We the People” or those with the deepest pockets and those with a vested interest.

A Constitutional Convention in 1787 was needed, as it supported the apportionment of taxes between small and large states. This was called the Connecticut Compromise. Also

introduced and ratified was the Bill of Rights. Many of the current supporters of an article V Convention are those with a vested interest in lobbying. This means stakeholders, seeking gain for those other than that of the electorate, aka the Republic.

The 14th Amendment makes all individuals equal under the law. It is true that amending the Constitution should be a choice among states which closer resembles the pulse of the nation (Article VII). Also true is that America has been manipulated by bureaucratic stakeholders and politicians pushing Diversity and Equity. This has made specific groups separate, but equal with special advantages, thus corrupting the 14th Amendment. Their efforts and successes have undermined equality and our civil liberties.

Article V, The Convention of States, is voluntary by the States. It is imperative to recognize and understand that so was:

· Agenda 21

· GreenStep Cities

· Refugee Resettlement

These programs all fall outside of the scope of representative government. Policy driven programs, influenced and controlled by stakeholders, lobbyists, selected individuals, and bureaucrats leave the electorate/Republic with no voice or recourse. What is the protection of a repeat Runway Convention?

There is no need to revisit how to count voting with a Convention of States. The reconstruction of how to count voting was decided in 1787, with the adoption of the Connecticut Compromise.

The push for a Convention of States is a Trojan Horse for individuals and entities seeking to benefit those who believe God and His laws are outdated and irrelevant, while declaring their science and technology is the only true way. The current effort to call a Convention of States is a clear danger to our citizens, states, individual liberties, individual freedoms and to our very Republic. This effort must be challenged and defeated at every turn.

Ron Branstner

Kathy Burkett

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