Of course it is still Sourcewell. See link below. Calls it GIANT WORLDWIDE in 
paragraph below video.

GiANT TV with Sourcewell - YouTube <>

The link below shows Giants Worldwide in Pequot which blew up about a year ago 
and Supt had to resign. HUNDREDS of parents showed up PISSED !!!


Little Falls Schools just signed onto this and avoided the question when asked 
who locally would be working with this. Sourcewell continues to try to hide 
behind other names as more and more is discovered about them.

     Ron Brantsner discovered GIANTS WORLDWIDE about a year or so ago and it is 
the same old UN inclusive nonsense. The rep at the meeting discussed bringing 
handicapped or slow learners  more in line with traditional students. Even 
showed a graph of traditional students score dropping as proof narrowing the 
gap. Even the school board members questioned that especially since part of 
their plan is to force them all to learn together at the same time. The rep says that gifted students should be helping the slow learn.

They tried that in EDINA. 10th grade students were reading at 5th grade level. 
School Board members questioned that also and appeared to be bothered by lumping kids together  but then they all voted unanimously for it. See links below on the failure of Edina students.

1) Fall 2017, pg 26

ThinkingMN-Issue-9-Fall17.pdf (


2) Winter 2018, pg 3

ThinkingMN-Issue-10-Wtr18.pdf (


3) Spring 2018, pg 11

ThinkingMN-Issue-11-Spr18.pdf (


4 )Spring 2019, pg 11

Can Edina’s schools be saved? - American Experiment




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