Stearns County, Federal dollars bring Solar Armageddon



These overpaid bureaucrats (STEARNS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS) decided to hand their 
responsibilities over to
another non-elected body. Recently the Commissioners gave Environmental
Services authorization and total control over all new construction of solar
fields. Building these solar farms, up to 1 megawatt, comes with no oversight
and no accountability. This became a blank check for an environmental Armageddon
on prime farm land.

The requirement for County Commissioners to receive notice on new construction
of solar fields, will no longer exist and authorization will no longer be
required to build. Their rich productive farmland gets leased, thus is pulled
out of production for a mere thirty pieces of silver. This will cause food costs
to rise, and the global market will grow fat as it capitalizes on our dwindling
food supply. With a sustainable food supply no longer available, importing food
will become the norm to feed Minnesota families.

The import of beef and fuel are on the rise as farmers replace soil for solar.
A small sacrifice for staying warm for those who are hungry and living mouth to
mouth. Where are the voices and outrage by the people for the citizens of
Stearns County? That's right, they sold you out again for a costly program with
little positive results, aka, the Green New Deal.

This follows the Biden pattern of closing down the oil fields in North Dakota,
and Walz closing the Coal-fired power plant in Becker. Minnesota will be
importing energy at a higher cost to stay warm. Commissioners in Stearns County
are selling us out for the Green New Deal, that has no track record for success,
while Minnesota's agriculture and scenic landscape is in peril.

Take a trip down memory lane. Stearns County Commissioners, along with other
stakeholders in St Cloud, relinquished, thus giving up their authority to
Lutheran Social Services with the refugee resettlement program. As a federal
contractor, LSS took complete control over them. That turned out to be a costly
disaster for Stearns County, especially St Cloud State University, and the
public school system as it continues to decline in enrollment. The County is
in slow decay, at every level, from education to crime. This third world refugee
program, and forced integration, has turned neighbor against neighbor. Stearns
County is becoming a cess-pool for low living conditions. Waite Park and St.
Cloud, now rank in the top 10 for crime in Minnesota. To top it off, the same
politicians who have been running the Clown show for decades, keep getting
re-elected. The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and
over and expecting a different result. Welcome to Stearns County.

Now, look to investigate Environmental services. They have a voice in our lakes
and aquatic species. What's next, the annexation of water sports and fishing?
You will find out your liberties are eroding faster then Bidens popularity.
Control the food and you control the people.



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