YOUR Regional Planner undermines YOUR history to YOUR Children

The particular Attachments following this article, are for Morrison County and likely the other 4 Counties in Region 5. To see the map which shows their name in YOUR County, click this link :



As always, my problem with the way the Left views our History, is not that they 
want to include the negatives. Its that they pretend that the rest of the world 
are and were Angels during those same time periods. A close study of history 
since the 1st Century AD, shows that, in fact, most Christian run countries 
stood head and shoulders above their neighbors. Look at the Histories of Muslim 
Countries or Native populations worldwide.  How many kids are aware that many 
American Indian Tribes joined our side to keep from being annihilated by other 
Indian Tribes. Nez Perce in MT for one.  Who is killing Blacks in America today ???

      Why are kids never told that the United States and Britain were the first 
countries on earth to END SLAVERY.  Well, as we have continued to warn you, the 
3 Groups in any MN Community:


are not here to help you. They offer you tons of money but plan to destroy every 
vestige of your society.  Your current INCUMBENTS have been shown this over and 
over again but refuse to stop allowing them to run your entire Community. We 
have newly elected people who want to stop this but they need YOUR HELP. Support 
them publicly at meetings and spread the word thru Social Media, Radio and 
Letters To Editor.

    This will progress very quickly now here in MN with Walz recent wins.  Don't 
forget our newest tool. COMMON LAW. See link below and start one in YOUR County:


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Reg Files 2

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