COMMON LAW – Some Hope for Americans

Michelle MacDonald  is a well known Conservative Lawyer who has run for MN
Supreme Court at least a couple of times. I am including her information here
because there is much talk in MN these days, and elsewhere, about
returning to the Constitutional System designed by our Founders. You may have read the piece we sent around a short time ago :

Citizens have UNREALIZED Power at the local level – SAVE YOUR CITIES


As this is developing, I will try to send you updates to help you understand the
nature of this Cause.

   Common law (not written  law )is based on custom and usage and includes the
Magna Carta and the great Charter of the Forest. Common law has two basic
requirements 1. Do not offend anyone . 2. honor all contracts

The 7th amendment guarantees a trial by jury according to the rules of the
common law when the value in controversy exceeds $20 (in silver species not
FRNs) “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” Thomas Jefferson

Lawful or Unlawful:  Based on God’s law  the common law and any law that any
prudent man will abide by under normal circumstances without giving up one’s
rights or infringing upon another’s rights.

Legal or illegal : All legal actions are pursued under the “color of law “.
Color of law means “appears to be” law, but is not. Because of what appears to
be lawful commands on the surface, many citizens  ,because of their respect for
what  appears to be law are cunningly coerced into waving their rights due to
ignorance . United States v. Minker ,350 US 179 at 187 (1956)

Common law court: is a “court of record “that proceeds according to common law,
keeps a record of the proceedings,has power to fine or imprison, and the
tribunal is independent of the magistrate (may also have a seal )

The so called courts are not “in law ” and of” but are simply acting on behalf
of a corporate business, enforcing its contracts under the disguise of equity
courts, superior courts, Federal courts district courts.  Municipal courts
–merchant law,  summary court,  Martial proceedings and administrative ad hock
tribunals (similar to admiralty/ maritime)and appear to be governed by “The
Manual of Courts” (under acts of war) and the “War Powers Act of 1933”
    All my best, Michelle MacDonald

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