MARXIST THEOLOGY, a trojan horse through SDGs

By Ron Branstner    The cost of doing business within the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), imposes a heavy burden on the American economy especially the middle class.        From solar energy and electric cars to human resettlement there is a high dollar cost to create a world utopia of a one world government.  While human capital is a way to shift personal wealth to the collective, through redistribution of wealth, man shall voluntarily surrender his personal labors back to mankind while returning his tangible resources to the earth’s natural environment.  “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”         Through these Sustainable Development Goals human capital is to replace wealth, social governance, collective freedoms, and community consensus, with an environmental communal lifestyle.  The Earth is not to be a resource of ownership but a place of stewardship. You are not to remove from the earth that which you cannot replace. SDGs are beliefs based in science, technology and the collective, where a supreme deity shares no relevance.             SDGs have no borders, nor do they have divine laws.  The collective believe that Equal is Equality within Equity. For the collective to invest in SDG’s, environmental boundaries are implemented while national borders must be removed, nature’s wetlands protected, and private property erased.       SDGs support the belief that the Earth has a voice in survival and the survival of man is equal to that of nature.  Therefore, rights are given to nature and all living within.     In comparison, The Declaration of Independence was inspired by “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s of God”.  SDGs remove God and shield nature from intervention by man.  Therefore, if there is no God and no intervention by man with the Nature’s of God, in accordance with the UN Sustainable Goals, we exist within the confinements of man dictating over man where a supreme deity shares no relevance.       A Marxist Theology of ruling out of chaos.   

09.10.22   edit/Kathy Burkett 

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