The rest of us better be checking in our own communities for this stuff.
REMEMBER that their REGIONALISTS are working hand and glove with YOURS. PS,
Region 5 just testified before Congress requesting more diversified communities
in MN and the need to SHIP THEM IN !!!!!  At one point they planned to increase
LF population by 1/3.  Other issues in this email too !!

FYI:  If you didn’t attend the public hearing at the Government Services Offices on Thursday, you missed a stellar turnout and step-up presentation of concerns by close to fifty of your fellow patriots! At his latest event
in Hutchinson last night, Ron Branstner told the audience about the energized group that showed up in FF with relevant concerns for the commissioners.  He said Fergus Falls got the largest applause of the night!

After the FF meeting,  several commissioners stated that the hearing was to discuss the PHA Plan and dissolving the HRA.  Seemed to me they were perplexed that folks zoned in on concerns related to equity
(redistibution of wealth) and sustainability, related issues that would follow on the tails of taking HUD grants, part of the PHA Plan.  I reiterated what several suggested earlier, that the commissioners and the people should have had a back and forth discussion of the issues. With no feedback from commissioners Thursday, we don’t know their views on much that was presented.

None the less, it was clear that folks do not want big city problems steam-rolled into OTCounty; they clearly communicated they don’t want unelected officials usurping power from elected officials, transferring it to the state;  they don’t want their property rights and values eroded;  they don’t want to see HUD regulations profile and channel HUD’s chosen people into the county, ballooning OTC’s reputation as a welfare destination.  OTCounty needs more essential businesses… not a welfare industry.  People are fed up with Agenda 2030 goals of equity and sustainability.  We don’t want to lose the OTCounty we’ve raised our families in, worked and played in… grown to love.

Time for OTC commissioners to say no to glittering HUD grants… or risk becoming puppets, as we become serfs… to new landlords with comprehensive plans who would change our way of life forever.  Cathy Colling

-A follow-up meeting to dialog with commissioners about this would be nice, but will not happen.  Watch for a decision soon.  And please ACT NOW…  share your concerns with newspapers, FB… it’s time.
-Expect a few more related emails
-All use of blue/ bold on this page is mine

Thank you to Suzy H for sharing her relevant comments:

Dear Friends,
On Thursday I attended the hearing concerning the 5-year Public Housing Agency (PHA) plan that our OTC commissioners are studying to put into effect next January.  This involves dissolving the local HRA and combining it with the OTC Community Development all under the supervision of the federal HUD, which is influenced by Agenda 2030 Sustainability Development Goals,  and is insistent upon infrastructure change and ‘equity’ opportunities. This would take all power away from the grassroots, and we already know that anytime the feds get involved, we have a mess!  There were about 50 people present at this meeting, all 100% against the move. It involves ‘ building back better,’ which includes apartment complexes, to accommodate ‘helping’ extreme low-income families, the ‘poorest of the poor.’  There were several personal testimonies of what happens to communities when we ‘bring in’ people who do not want to work and feel entitled to not pay their rent (Baltimore and Minneapolis, prime examples); it puts a great strain on the taxpayers.  An important question: Is the current infrastructure (police force, school systems, medical facilities, etc.) of Otter Tail County ready to accommodate such an influx?  Because this was a public hearing, the commissioners gave no feedback or comments  as to where they were stood on this issue, but they did take notes! Pray that they heard our concerns and will make a wise decision. It would be a federal mandate with an “obligation that requires federal funding recipients to take proactive steps to address longstanding patterns of segregation, discrimination, and disinvestment.”
  The plan can be viewed at  <>
Hopefully, your comments will still be accepted by Barb bd***">Dacy:bd***<mailto:bd***" data-original-string="2RLWEKxVc+mRrH2tZ1LxgaYcS+IV9ajr7L8mZhocGjE=" title="This contact has been encoded by Anti-Spam by CleanTalk. Click to decode. To finish the decoding make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.>. , and that there is still limited time to reach out to OTC Commissioners with concerns about AFFHP and taking HUD grants.  Thanks for praying!
Suzy H

AND THIS from Ron Branstner:  (Know that Ron Branstner was pumped when hearing about the enthusiasm and concerns people offered at the hearing.   I passed along your comments, your thanks for all his research/ information at events… he’s lookin’ out for you.)

Good morning, folks,

Well, the primaries are over, and Scott Jensen came out victorious for the GOP Minnesota Governor race.  Congratulations to Mr. Scott Jensen.


RICH STANEK, Republican, did not concede the race…

Prepare for him to be in the primary, as to upset the endorsed candidate, Scott Jensen.
Minnesota has been an established state of socialism since 1972.
The Rhinos are not going to give their power away so easily.  Walz or Stanek, take your pick.

The Democrats will stay low as the Republicans infight.

Will Stanek win???   Not sure…  It’s not about winning as much as it’s about holding the socialist agenda together.  The two parties play in the same sand box.

Minnesotans are waking up to regional governance that they, republicans, created in the late 1960’s, a regional governance where the two political parties answer to stakeholders and not the people.

The Twin cities are educated on Stanek as the outstate supports Jensen.
  Governor Walz, a former teacher, capitalized on his success through politics, as he created a net worth in the millions.  He will bank on big globalist businesses to catapult his way to victory.
While the grassroots Republicans gather their strengths in numbers to push forward, it will be Stanek to offset the race.

Minnesota’s home grown Communist and presidential candidate, Gus Hall, stated,  “Socialism in America will come through the ballot box.”

Hang on folks, it’s going to get interesting.
  Ron Branstner

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