Little Falls Schools SILENCES Parents

And if you address the Board, you are not even allowed to turn and face the audience even briefly, NOR discuss anything on the Agenda that evening. But the Supt is very nice to you if you have concerns. Thats what all the residents who plan to do nothing will tell you. HE WAS NICE TO ME !! The Supt has been shown how bad the Sourcewell/Region 5/Worldwide school programs are, in their own words PLUS massive evidence of chaos they created in other school systems like Edina. NO RESPONSE !! This same parent who was SILENCED, (SEE ATTACHMENT):


 has only been giving out information that the school administration already knows about. They just don't want it made public. If you think this is not going on in your school, try a FOIA, Freedom Of Information Act. See what the Sourcewell/Walz/UN programs are about. Then FIRE all your school board and Supt. By the way, many of your school board members who perpetuate this are Republicans AND VERY NICE  !!!!!

    Alternative Schooling coming soon, WATCH FOR IT !!!

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