It appears that they are gearing up for an all-out assault on our Communities 
and Schools here in MN. We have been expecting this type of assault in MOST 
areas that Walz and ONEMN control, especially our schools. GREEN STEPS is only ONE of many areas they will attack

See THIS link to understand why GREEN STEPS is a threat :

     One suggestion for a counter move by citizens is to create as many 
ORDINANCES in local Conservative Communities and TWPS.. See how this was done to 
stop a Solar Project recently:

      The basis for our  LATEST concern is the very long Newsletter below:  (Notice 
that major Partner is LEAGUE OF CITIES):

Join the Gold Leaf Pilot!
Are you ready to take climate action addressing mitigation, adaptation, planning, and community connectedness? We are looking for 5-6 communities at any step to participate. Learn more below.
Thank you, Emily!
Emily served as the '21-'22 GreenStep GreenCorps member and finished in August. Emily's main project was researching and developing the Gold Leaf program with the help of two advisory committees that she coordinated. Emily also supported our workshop series, launched the Minnesota Sustainability Index<>, hosted GreenStep tables at the Fond du Lac Iskigamizige-Giizis Pow Wow and the Rush City Earth Day event, and more!
Green STEP into the future!

We invite you to share your experience with us about GreenStep Cities, Tribal Nations, and Schools! Add a short or long (5 min. max) video answering one or all of the questions below. Your responses will help us express the impact that the GreenStep program has had over the years and what it could be with additional resources. Your responses will be shared publicly. Thank you for your time and support!

   *   Introduce yourself - for example, your name, role in the community, and location.
   *   In what ways has the GreenStep program helped your community?
   *   What could the GreenStep program provide that would help you even more?
   *   What would you want to achieve in your community if you had all and any resources that you need?

If you would rather provide written responses, please email us at*********@st***.us<mailto:gr*******@st***.us" data-original-string="e9XhiQ6ikIQZP09Afvs7c8+gu1kHBvO1M62+tTC/MZg=" title="This contact has been encoded by CleanTalk. Click to decode. To finish the decoding make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.?subject=Green%20STEP%20into%20the%20future&body=Introduce%20yourself%20-%20for%20example%2C%20your%20name%2C%20role%20in%20the%20community%2C%20and%20location%EF%BB%BF.%0A%0A%EF%BB%BF%0A%0AIn%20what%20ways%20has%20the%20GreenStep%20program%20helped%20your%20community%3F%0A%0A%EF%BB%BF%0A%0AWhat%20could%20the%20GreenStep%20program%20provide%20that%20would%20help%20you%20even%20more%3F%0A%0A%EF%BB%BF%0A%0AWhat%20would%20you%20want%20to%20achieve%20in%20your%20community%20if%20you%20had%20all%20and%20any%20resources%20that%20you%20need%3F>.

Share with us!<>
GreenStep at the State Fair!
GreenStep was back at the Minnesota State Fair this year! Thank you to our volunteers, like Shann Finwall with the City of Maplewood above, who talked with fair-goers about their sustainability efforts. resources, and more. We had 18 volunteers from the Cities of Roseville, Savage, Bloomington, La Crescent, and Maplewood, the Izaak Walton League, Great Plains Institute, MN Pollution Control Agency, MN Department of Commerce, GreenStep Schools program, and the Roseville Highschool green team. Approximately 205,000 people saw our exhibit!
Gold Leaf Program
What is it?

The GreenStep Cities program is excited to launch a pilot the proposed Gold Leaf program, which focuses on pathways for communities to take local climate action through the GreenStep program. Read more about the background, process, and program goals in the Gold Leaf Program Proposal<>  (PDF) document.

Participants of the pilot Gold Leaf program will be recognized as they achieve achieve 'gold leaves' for completing any NEW actions from 44 high-priority, high-impact climate actions<>  (page 17) under the categories of: Climate mitigation, Climate planning, Climate adaptation, and Community connectedness for Minnesota's changing climate.

Who can participate in the pilot?

The GreenStep Cities Steering Committee is seeking a total of five to six participants for the pilot, including at least one Step 5 city, at least one city at Steps 2 or 3, at least one tribal nation. We will also consider participants by location and size/capacity. The pilot program is also open to communities that are not currently participating in the GreenStep Cities or Tribal Nations programs.

What are the benefits to participating in the pilot?

Communities are already seeing impacts locally - warming temperatures (especially during winter), drier summers, more severe precipitation events, and more. The proposed Gold Leaf program has narrowed down the 181 GreenStep Cities actions to create a climate action 'road map' that your community can focus down even further based on local needs and priorities. In addition, each awarded Gold Leaf will provide updated action reports for peer communities to learn from your successes while also giving you the recognition you deserve for your hard work. Finally, pilot participants will help us build a program that works for Minnesota communities by providing feedback and recommending new resources that will support any and all communities in Minnesota to take climate actions now.

We are also working on supporting pilot participants each with a summer 2023 intern that can assist in climate action planning and implementation!

What are the expectations for participating in the pilot?

   *   Participate in the nine-month pilot (Dec. 1, 2022 - Sept. 1, 2023)
   *   Commit to completing and reporting at least 2 NEW actions (see Appendix A in the Proposal) during the pilot period. They can include actions that are already underway and planned to be completed during the pilot period.
   *   Provide feedback on the program structure and support during and following the pilot period. See the questions listed in the Proposal<>  (Page 11).
   *   Serve as ambassadors of the official program launch (tentatively Dec. 2023).

Interested in participating in the pilot?

Let us know by sending an email to*********@st***.us<mailto:gr*******@st***.us" data-original-string="e9XhiQ6ikIQZP09Afvs7c8+gu1kHBvO1M62+tTC/MZg=" title="This contact has been encoded by CleanTalk. Click to decode. To finish the decoding make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.>  by November 30. We do not require a council resolution to participate, but please consider any governmental needs your organization may have.

The GreenStep Cities Steering Committee will select pilot participants at their Dec. 1 meeting and will make an announcement that week.

Workshop Series
RSVP to our workshops<>  by visiting the links below. They are all online from 9:00-11:00 am, unless otherwise noted. Workshops are free and open to anyone.

   *   December 1: Smart Salting for Property Management Certification Training<>
   *   December 5: Smart Salting for Local Leaders<>
   *   December 7: EV Smart Communities<>
   *   January 18: Deciphering Demographics<>
   *   February 15: Dark Skies<>
   *   March: Open office hours for action and metric reporting
   *   April 5: Financing Public Energy Efficient & Renewable Energy Projects<>
   *   April 19: Hazard Mitigation<>
   *   May 17: Greening Historic Places<>  (possible in-person tour option!)

Coordinator Spotlight:
Jason Paulson - City of Hutchinson

John has been the City of Hutchinson’s GreenStep Cities Coordinator since the city joined in 2015 and has has worked at the City for over 16 years as the Environmental Specialist and Project/Environmental/Regulatory Manager. In those roles, John has worked on implementing the MS4 stormwater program, wastewater pretreatment efforts, regulatory permitting for city facilities and projects, served as the sustainability liaison, conducted energy efficiency and facility energy use tracking, grant writing, shoreline and native prairie restoration projects, drainage and water quality improvements, and more. John has also served on the West Central Clean Energy Resource Teams Steering Committee since 2007.

John’s favorite projects include energy benchmarking, the 2015 Brownfield to Brightfield Solar PV projects, the many infrastructure projects, and the rock riffle dam of the South Fork Crow River.

Program Spotlight: RETAP
RETAP employs skilled, retired professionals to provide services to small businesses, institutions, and governments in Minnesota. RETAP has two programs:

   1.  Facility Assessments - No-cost, non-regulatory assessments include on-site visits from RETAP members to find ways to increase energy efficiency and water conservation, and reduce waste and operating costs. Recommendations may be simple behavior changes, maintenance improvements, or more complicated retrofits and there is no obligation to implement the recommendations. Average annual savings from RETAP recommendations implemented in 2017 was more than $6,000 per client!
   2.  Community Sustainability – No-cost individual projects related to local government and community sustainability including assistance with greenhouse gas reductions, energy use reduction, and other sustainability opportunities. Projects are typically supported by the GreenStep program.

Apply to be a RETAP consultant! Are you a retired engineer, scientist, manager, or other professional from a wide variety of technical and non-technical fields? Are you a self-starter and independent worker, comfortable working with computers? RETAP members are paid an hourly rate of $20.00 for consulting projects.
Timely Sustainability Updates & Resources
No Child Left Inside Grants<>  — Apply by Dec. 7
DNR grants to support and increase efforts to expand programming that connects youth to the outdoors.

Active Transportation - Quick-Build & Demonstration Grants<>   — Apply by Dec. 23
Assistance for implementation of streetside activations (parklets, landscaping, public art, etc.) or open street-style events. Learn more at Dec. 1 or Dec. 6 webinars.

Solid Waste Management Grants<>  — Apply by Dec. 31
USDA grants for landfill management in rural communities under 10,000 residents.

Safe Routes to School - Planning Assistance Grants<>  — Apply by Jan. 11
Grants to schools and communities to develop comprehensive SRTS plans.

Community Planning Grants for Stormwater, Wastewater, & Resilience<>  — Apply by Jan. 12
Funding for climate-planning projects that improve stormwater resilience and reduce localized flood risk, improve the resilience of wastewater systems, or for adapting community services, ordinances, and public spaces.

Industrial Water Efficiency for MN Cities Program<>
MnTAP and MRWA are offering no-cost assistance for training and technical assistance to help your community and businesses improve water conservation efforts.

Community Heart & Soul Seed Grants<>
Designed for small cities to imagine, connect, plan, and act. Coaching and seed grants available.

IIJA and IRA Federal Funding<>
A lot of federal funding opportunities are being announced from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act. See the many resources and tools to help you track it all here.

   *   Access your webpage, report actions, and find resources on the GreenStep Website<>
   *   Learn more about the program in the Welcome! Guide<>
   *   Get to know the website with this Website How-To<>
   *   Find up-to-date news and resources on the News Page<>
   *   Join the conversation on the LMC Memberlink<>  email listserve

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