“PLACEHOLDERS” – The RINOs in our midst

The corrupt establishment attempts to insert a “placeholder” “Republican” who will insert a candidate who is not a real Republican but “advocates” Republican/conservative positions in order to trick the people. Jordan Rasmussen and Brandon Finseth are perfect examples. We will not be able to fight back until we defeat these frauds on the principle of freedom. Jordan Rasmussen is the EXACT example of an aspiring professional politician (with no ambition to ever get a REAL job) who believes government is the source of wealth and stature. We need to boldly take on these leftist Bain capital Wall Street apologists and stand for the principles and freedom that made America great. If we fail, then we will get more of the same. Placeholders- who block those who believe in freedom.  ( Written by a great Patriot friend of ours).


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