Forcing Transgender Agenda into Schools

Its illegal, of course, bypassing Congress. 
Subject: Title IX Changes
From a MN Patriot -
Dear Concerned Citizens:

I received the email below initiated by the Parents Defending Education group. 
It is quite disconcerting. Please read, click on the link below and send your 
comments. Please forward.

Email below

The Biden administration has unveiled their rewrite of Title IX, fifty years 
after its passage in Congress. These new proposed regulations will fundamentally 
change Title IX, a law that has always prohibited discrimination “on the basis 
of sex.”

But now, the Biden administration is bypassing Congress to rewrite Title IX. The 
new rule will prohibit discrimination on the basis of ‘gender’ and ‘gender 

This change, if it goes through, will significantly affect schools.

If a biologically male student “identifies” as female (or vice-versa), schools 
will be required to:

* allow the individual to participate in girls’ sports and activities.
* allow the individual to use the girls and womens’ bathrooms and locker rooms. 
All restrooms and changing rooms will be available based solely on “gender 
identity,” not on the student’s biological sex.

The new regulations will also apply sexual harassment rules to students and 
teachers who “misgender” another student or teacher. This means that if someone 
refers to someone by their biological sex (and not the gender they identify as), 
they will be punished for sexual harassment.

If you’re wondering if your school would be able to ignore these rule changes, 
the answer is no.


Because in order to receive federal funding, all schools must certify that they 
are in compliance with this rule.

That means that President Biden will force every school in America to obey his 
“gender identity” revolution by threatening to withhold critical federal funding.

Help stop this “gender identity revolution.” Help protect Title IX, save girls’ 
sports, and restore sanity by submitting a comment to the Department of 
Education today! Your comments are important and they make a difference – the 
Department is required to consider them before enacting new rules.


For our children,

Nicole Neily
Parents Defending Education

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