Continuing MNGOP Mischief

(MY NOTE – This should be no surprise to anyone who has been watching the MNGOP
establishment over the last 10 years. The madness actually goes back to the
1940s, then in my lifetime, the Early 80s.  Time for a whole new bunch running
the show made up of Christian based, hardworking, Conservative MN folks who take
their Faith and their Families seriously) VOTE GRASSROOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!

The main story here ones from one of the most trusted conservative news sources in the state, Alpha News.

Endorsed Minnesota GOP candidates say party is working against them – Alpha News


I also included comments from Jake of action4liberty below:

Corrupt GOP Chair David Hann’s Radical Move to Harm Conservative, Endorsed Candidates

Tuesday, July 19th, 2022


The Republican Party of Minnesota is being disgraced by a Party Chair who is
doing the dirt work for the Political Establishment. Alpha News published a
piece this morning showing that the Party is working against some of its
endorsed candidates.

At least five grassroots conservative, Republican endorsed candidates had their
Republican data system cut off by MNGOP Chairman Hann at a crucial moment before
the August 9th Primary.

Candidates Tom Dippel (Cottage Grove), Mark Bishofsky (Stillwater), Bill Lieske
(Lonsdale), Natalie Barnes (Prior Lake) and Bret Bussman (Browerville) noticed
their data access was locked out last Friday. All weekend long, they were unable
to access the party data that allowed them to conduct campaign activities like
door knocking and phone calling.

The MNGOP finally emailed the candidates Monday morning admitting to cutting the
data off, using some BS “data agreement” excuse for their reasoning.

The job of the Party is to support its endorsed candidates. If Hann was a good
actor, and legitimately thought there was an issue with the data agreement, he
should have contacted the candidates directly to work things out. But that’s not
the route he took which reveals there is more to this story.

This is an assault on activists, delegates and candidates who align with Action
4 Liberty on important issues like giving back the surplus and passing the Never
Again bill. Please read this important article
<> about the war
being launched against you and me.



These candidates are good people. Shame on Corrupt Chair Hann for doing this!

Jake Duesenberg            Action 4 Liberty

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