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TRUE Republican Response to MN DFL Condemnation
of Scott County Republicans Social Media Post

June 22, 2023 – Kittson County, MN – On June 8th, former President Donald Trump was indicted on 7 counts of classified document handling. In response, the Scott County Republicans Facebook page posted a graphic including photos of Biden, Hitler, Mao, and Stalin with a caption reading “Leaders who have had their political opponents arrested.” Ken Martin, MN DFL Party Chair, was quoted in the Star Tribune stating, “Using that indictment to compare President Biden to some of the worst mass murderers in human history is as baseless as it is disturbing and offensive.” As he called on the Republican Party of Minnesota to condemn the “chapter’s rhetoric”. The Republican Party of Minnesota issued a statement from Mike Lonergan, Executive Director, stating, “There is no question the post was uncalled for – such rhetoric has no place in our political discourse. We have asked the Scott County party unit to remove the post in question.”

Was there actually a factual correction suggested in the Scott County Republicans post? Did these 4 national leaders have their political opponents arrested? Yes, they did.

It is clear that the grassroots Republicans in Minnesota have been vastly attacked, condemned, silenced, sued, dissolved, and suspended under the leadership of Republican Party of Minnesota Chair David Hann. And the Kittson Republicans must respond appropriately to this situation of condemnation and silencing attempts by the Hann leadership team and offer the voters of Minnesota the REAL response to this situation.

First, according to the Republican Party of Minnesota Constitution, Article IV Delegation of Powers, Section 3 Management reads:

“The management of the affairs of the Party within each basic political organizational unit shall be vested in the BPOU committee, subject to the direction of state and Congressional District authorities as to matters within the scope of their respective functions.”

Since party units manage their own affairs, that includes their social media. There is not any direction from the State Party as to how to have social media posts approved, such as there is no primary contact at the state party or a clear process for approval. When you don’t have a process approved by the MN GOP State Central Committee, the body the State Party Board is accountable to, then we do not have an approved result for any broken process. Therefore, Scott County Republicans have every liberty to post any content they collectively agree to.

Secondly, The Republican Party is the party of freedom, of the Constitution, of America being the shining beacon of hope to the world. According to the Republican National Committee party platform our view on the First Amendment is clear.

“We oppose any restrictions or conditions that would discourage citizens from participating in the publican square or limit their ability to promote their ideas…Limits on political speech serve only to protect the powerful and insulate incumbent officeholders…We support … protecting free speech of advocacy groups… and protecting political speech on the internet.”

Echoed in the Republican Party of Minnesota platform, it is clear we believe in free speech and LOCAL CONTROL.

The DFL is about silencing citizens, forcing a woke agenda, limiting free speech, forcing pronouns, the attack on women allowing men to take their trophies, telling people what to think, believe, feel, and prioritize – even to the point of arresting political challengers. Clearly, the Scott County Republicans struck a nerve with Chair Martin because they did indeed list national leaders that have arrested political opponents and that is really bad public relations for the Democratic Party.

A great thing about TRUE Republican leadership is that to err on the side of liberty is always preferred to tyrannical rule. We may personally find a comment, social media post or other communication distasteful or in disagreement with our own values – or maybe it wakes us up! Even in disagreement, we will lay our life on the line for your right to say anything, as our ancestors have done before us.

The Kittson Republicans urge every Minnesotan that is fed up with catastrophic DFL legislation, priorities, and agendas to get involved today. We must energize and collectively communicate the values of our party and elect new Republican Officers who will lead our party to turn this state around after this disastrously freedom-killing session led by the DFL trifecta in St. Paul in the first half of this year. If you would like to learn what you can do to save Minnesota for the next generation, please contact the Kittson Republicans at:


 and mark February 27th, 2024 on your calendars as it is Precinct Caucus night in Minnesota – the date the grassroots, ordinary Minnesotans move to direct the future of the Republican Party.

If you are planning to caucus, please let us know by email with your name, contact information, precinct, and Basic Political Organizational Unit (BPOU). We will help you navigate the process if you want to get involved. It is time to react to the massive defeat in the 2022 election, the catastrophic DFL session, the woke agenda, cancel culture, and garner huge momentum with everyday conservatives in the state to take back the Republican Party of Minnesota and turn this around.

Kittson County Republicans are not a part of the Republican Party of Minnesota structure, just independent conservative freedom lovers that agree with the Republican Party values and live in Kittson County.




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