Score Cards for MN Legislators and Congressional Legislators

EDITORS NOTE – This information is from the John Birch Society. They are the oldest and most trustworthy source for Constitutional Conservatives. Many Groups and Speaker will come and go but nearly all the issues we face today were first brought to our attention through JBS. Did you know that clear back in the early 70s, they warned that the UN had plans to bring Extreme Sex Ed to American Schools?   As we move into uncharted territory as a Society, remember that we must stay close to the the BIBLE and the Constitution, the ONLY Plans in History for a Society (Excluding some in ancient Israel) that is based on the Bible).  No other Plan can be acceptable for Christians today. No one besides JBS has such a long history as well as steadfast commitment to our Constitution. As you know, my focus is on the Local only, but JBS covers the whole spectrum so they have important info for every Christian based Citizen Activist of today.   Please check out these links:


Freedom Index – Minnesota Legislative Scorecard:



This link will find your federal legislator.
Freedom Index – The New American:


Mark Griffin
Home Chapter Coordinator
The John Birch Society


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